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Ancillary Adjustments with Muscle Testing

  • Ancillary chiropractic adjustments include extremities and other supportive adjustments
  • This seminar examines the biomechanics and common patterns of neurological inhibition in upper and lower extremities and ancillary areas
  • AK muscle testing (functional neurology) will be introduced
  • AK muscle tests are a natural fit with ancillary adjusting
  • This seminar shows you the powerful synergy in combining these 2 great techniques

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Ancillary conditions are commonly misdiagnosed. Some examples of ancillary adjustments:


  • To learn how to muscle-test and correct extremities and other ancillary conditions with high confidence following AK principles
  • To learn how to find the priority quickly using these tests
  • To learn how to confirm that the correction worked and how to show that to the patient
  • To learn how to use muscle testing diagnostic techniques with any adjusting technique
  • To learn how to improve confidence and patient compliance no matter your style of adjusting


  • Participation in this seminar is limited to 24 students for maximum individual attention
  • Each hour is about 15 minutes of instruction, 45 minutes of practice
  • Participants will practice testing each other in a rotating fashion with coaching from the instructor
  • Adjustments will be done after everyone has been tested
  • Bring your portable tables!

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The Social Hub
Wibautstraat 129
1091 GL Amsterdam

Parking is available on-site. 30 euro/day
Metro Wibautstraat is steps from the front door
Tram Wibautstraat is 500 meters

Dr. James Glenn Drewry D.C.

Dr. James Glenn Drewry D.C.

Dr. James Glenn Drewry D.C. is the owner of Amsterdam Chiropractic and European Chiropractic Seminars, bringing with him 20 years of clinical experience.

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Dr. James Glenn Drewry D.C.

Dr. James Glenn Drewry D.C. is from the state of Virginia. He is the owner of Amsterdam Chiropractic. Dr Drewry has previously practiced in the US and Australia. He has practiced in NL since 2009. Dr Drewry learned AK from Dr Walter Schmitt at Parker University. Wally Schmitt was a protege of Bob Goodheart and the inventor of Injury Recall Technique. Dr Drewry learned extremity adjusting from Dr Mark Charette and Dr Mark Heron at Parker around the same time. He has developed unique ways to combine AK tests with extremity adjustments. Dr Drewry has built a successful all-referral practice in central Amsterdam using and refining the tools and techniques taught now in his seminars.

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